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Design Your Daring Life Workbook

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and create a life that truly reflects your passions and dreams?

Interactive self-help workbook
Design Your Daring Life Workbook
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About the Workbook

The Design Your Daring Life Workbook is an interactive book specifically designed to help you unleash your potential and create your destiny. With easy-to-follow exercises and helpful tips, this workbook will inspire you to take action and transform your life. The chapters include:

  • Dare to Dream Big: Create your grandest vision possible. 

  • Dare to Be Confident: Utilize your strengths and potential.

  • Dare to Build Successful Relationships: Learn tools to create positive and beneficial connections with others.

  • Dare to Be Fearless: Understand the obstacles that keep you stuck and how to move through them.

  • Dare to Have it All: Create the perfect life and career plan for you.

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What people are saying...

Design Your Daring Life Workbook by Connie M. Leach EdD was designed to help young women move forward in their life with attainable goals. She breaks it down so you realize the goals you have hidden deep within you. Sometimes women can be too afraid to dream of stepping outside the box. There are no borders when you dare to design what you want in life. I did the exercises with the author as I read this book, and I loved it! I may be older, but I realized many of my dreams were put on the back burner as I reared my children. I am pulling them out and exploring what my goals are now for my life. I saved everything so I could print it off and update it as needed.

-Jo Jo Maxon

I highly recommend all to go through all tasks and activities, it will leave you on a new path.

-Anjali (India)

What's so interesting about this workbook is the different ways the activities speak to the user.

-“Judge, 9th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published E-Book Awards.”

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