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Plant Your Life's Garden

Choosing what you want in life and then choosing the actions to take are at the very foundation of Designing Your Daring Life. You are in the driver's seat for choosing what you want to create in your life and then developing a plan to make it happen.

Plant your life's garden

One fun way to get started is to imagine your life as a garden; a garden you can create anyway you'd like. What seeds will you plant in this garden of your life? What do you want to grow and nurture? Perhaps you will want your life's garden rich with friends, family, travel, or learning. Perhaps, working with animals or staying fit is important to you. In other words, each seed you plant will ultimately create the life you want to live.

Will you plant many flowers in your garden or just a few? Which ones will be most important in your life?

Look at the picture below. To get started, imagine each of the four flowers as representing an intention for your life's garden.

For example: 1) Write a book 2) Work with animals 3) Connect with others 4) Explore the world.

Next, the leaves on each plant represent steps you'll take to accomplish each intention. For example, to write a book might take researching a topic or setting time aside each day. Working with animals might mean volunteering at an animal clinic.

What will you grow in your life's garden and what will it take to make it happen? How will you "design your daring life?"

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