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Be an Inspiration Sleuth

Becoming an inspiration sleuth is about seeking that which inspires and motivates you to step out of your comfort zone. Some clients tell me they're bored, living the same humdrum day-to-day life. Others lament that they simply don't feel motivated to venture out, not sure what peaks their interest anymore.

Julia Cameron, famously advises her followers to go on an Artist Date alone every week to explore something fun. What inspires you might be distinctively personal, so the responsibility lies with you to explore and discover what uplifts you and propels you into action. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Be Observant

Being observant is a skill that can transform the everyday into the extraordinary. When we train ourselves to be observant, we start noticing the intricate details and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed. It's like unlocking a secret world, one that brimming with interest and inspiration.

The beauty of platforms like Pinterest and Etsy lies in their ability to connect us with diverse ideas and creations. They serve as visual playgrounds for our imaginations, sparking creativity and helping us see the world with fresh eyes.

The patterns and beauty that enrich our everyday lives are waiting to be discovered by those willing to be observant. Remember to embrace the artistry in everyday life that surrounds you and let it inspire your own creative journey.


Nature has a profound ability to rejuvenate our spirits, spark creativity, and instill a sense of wonder in our lives. Whether it's a serene forest, a majestic mountain range, or the soothing sounds of waves lapping on a beach, nature offers amazing experiences that can inspire and bring joy.

Nature encourages mindfulness. When you're in a natural setting, you easily become more present in the moment. This can help you let go of stress and worries, making room for fresh ideas and inspiration to flow.

Start small if you need to. Take a leisurely walk in your local park, plan a weekend camping trip, or simply sit in your backyard and observe the natural setting around you. Engage with your sense - feel the breeze, listen to the sounds, smell the earth, and see the beauty. Consider keeping a nature journal to record your thoughts, sketches, and experiences.

Plan an outing in nature once a week and just notice how it can reenergize your life by providing a fresh perspective.


In our very busy daily lives, it's easy to overlook the treasure trove of insights and inspiration nestled within our own thoughts. However, taking a moment to reflect on our inner world can yield profound benefits. One of the most effective tools for this introspective journey is the simple act of journaling.

When we put pen to paper or type our thoughts, we embark on a journey of self-discovery. Regular journaling allows us to identify patterns in our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. These patterns can offer valuable insights into our interests, desires, and concerns.

For instance, by jotting down your thoughts each day, you might notice recurring themes or passions that ignite your imagination. Perhaps you consistently find yourself writing about a specific topic or feeling. These patterns can serve as guideposts, directing you toward sources of inspiration that resonate with your truest self.


In a world full of information and ideas, it's all too easy to remain comfortably within our own bubbles, drawing inspiration from the familiar. However, true growth and creativity often come from venturing beyond our usual experiences and embracing diversity in all its forms. Whether through literature, art, music, media, or different cultures, staying open and curious can be a transformative experience.

Besides exploring new ideas through books, art, music, and various media choices, perhaps the most direct route to diverse ideas is by immersing yourself in different cultures. Traveling, trying new cuisines, and engaging with people from various backgrounds can open us up to new ideas and ways of doing things.

Learning about different customs, traditions, and worldviews, can inspire fresh approaches to your own life and creative pursuits. Whether it's adopting mindfulness practices from Eastern traditions or drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and patterns of indigenous art, embracing different cultures can enrich your creativity.

Becoming an Inspiration Sleuth opens up your world to new ideas, experiences, and understandings in order to expand your life. Taking the time to observe the everyday details around you, to explore the beauty of nature, to reflect on your inner thoughts and desires, and to seek diverse experience can motivate and inspire you to take new action in your life.

So take out your magnifying glass and begin your search for creativity and inspiration that surrounds you. What will you discover?

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