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Collections That Inspire

Collecting items can inspire us, comfort us, and definitely shed light into who we are as individuals. Collections can reveal a glimpse into our personalities, our interests, and what makes each of us unique.

When I first think of collections, I think of Madeleine Albright and her famous collection of more than 200 pins. As Secretary of State, she often wore her pins or brooches as a means of personal and diplomatic expression. Each pin, could convey her mood, sending a message to her audience of foreign leaders. Her snake pin, for example, was worn to a meeting in Iraq after Iraqi media referred to her as a "unparalleled serpent." Secretary Albright showed her sense of humor through her assortment of pins.

Collections of songs or poetry can connect us to our very essence; our soul, providing inspiration within. In writing this article I came across an entire website devoted to collections of poetry; poetry for every occasion and mood. My son loved to collect poems written by friends and would compile them into small collectible books. Simply noticing what songs or poems you're drawn to can give you insight into your truest nature...what makes you, you!

I remember, my aunt, and her collection of jewelry. She had a special jewelry box where she kept her most prized possessions. Whenever, I see beautiful jewelry, I think of my aunt and her beautiful collection. A good friend of mine collects beautiful scarves from various places she visits. Each scarf makes a statement of who she is and her keen eye for beauty and grace.

My husband, a collector of acoustic guitars, loves everything about them...the wood, the build, and the sound. Wherever we traveled, he would end up in a guitar shop looking for that next instrument to add to his collection. Years later, his passion for guitars led him not only to collect them, but to build them.

Paying attention to those things we are attracted to, can be key to what makes us unique. A former coaching client of mine realized one of her key interests was the ocean. She recalled the happiest times of her childhood were days spent at the beach. In order to bring those precious memories back into her life, she decided to decorate her bedroom with a beach theme. She began collecting seashells, photos, starfish, and other items that reminded her of the sea. This simple insight brought much joy and happiness back into her life.

If you are unsure of what makes you stand out, Pinterest, can provide a great way to explore your interests and inspirations. On its site, you can create bulletin boards of things you love; collections that showcase your individual spirit. Boards of favorite recipes, exotic places to travel, bonsai tree collections, and everything else one can imagine.

One of my favorite things to collect are coffee mugs. I collect them from places I've traveled, concerts I've attended, and mugs with sayings that motivate me. This photo is of a mug my daughter gave me, because it reminded her of me. I keep it on my desk as a reminder not only of my connection to my daughter, but as a reminder to honor those gifts I can contribute to the world.

Collections can provide each of us a glimpse into ourselves as unique and remarkable individuals.

Download a collection of some of my favorite inspirational quotes.

What collections most inspire you?

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