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Design Your Daring Life
Discover the Life &Work You'll Love!
Roadmap for Success e-book
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Many people go through life living day-to-day and without imagining what their life could be like. 

They get stuck in their daily routines without considering what might be possible.

In this free e-book, I will walk you through the 3 critical steps to discover the potential careers that are right for you. You will...
     *Learn what is important to you in the 8 key areas of life.
     *Discover the strengths, talents, and personality traits that make you unique.
     *Find the top careers that seem right for you.
     *Discover what may be derailing you from your goals.

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking...."
-Steve Jobs

Work With Me

   I struggled in high school, not knowing where I fit in. Fortunately, for me, I held on tight to my one dream of becoming a classroom teacher. I imagined myself inspiring young children and motivating them to thrive.


   With that one goal in mind, I managed to find my way into college despite low grades and poor study habits. Back then there were few self-help books or mentors to guide me. That is why I wrote the Design Your Daring Life Workbook as the book I wish I had when I desperately needed that roadmap for life. 

   Today, I coach women to break through their struggles and to step into their own power. My job as a coach is to challenge, support, and work alongside clients as they face their own fears of failure, rejection, and generally not feeling "good enough."

   Through coaching, my clients can uncover their truest gifts and passions and DARE to go after their dreamiest dreams by creating their personal action-plan for success. When my clients succeed, I succeed, and the world becomes a much better place! 

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