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Design Your Daring Life!
Are you tired of playing small and want more for your work/life?  
It's time to claim your passion, confidence, and courageous success!


college to Career

Not sure what you want for your future? I work with high school and college students to guide them into choosing the field of study that's best suited to them. Oftentimes, they feel pressure into choosing a college major and feel fearful of making the wrong choice. As their coach and mentor, I help them uncover what they want and then help them design their best path forward.

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career fulfillment

Are you feeling stuck or dissatisfied with your job and want to make a change? Career coaching focuses on aligning a client's passion, skills, and values with their work.

My clients are often women who want to start a business or explore other possibilities and opportunities that they might not even have thought of. 

What type of work is most important to you?
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