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What is Your Money Story?

What Does it Mean to have a Money Story?

Your money story is influenced by your upbringing, family dynamics and early experiences with money. For example, if you grew up in a household where money was tight, you might develop a frugal mindset or a fear of financial insecurity.

Your money story is shaped by the beliefs and values you hold about money. These beliefs can be conscious or unconscious and may include ideas about wealth, success, happiness and the role that money can play in your life.

The way you handle money may be connected to your type of thinking. For example, if you tend to be more analytical and detail-oriented, you might excel at creating and sticking to a meticulous budget and optimizing investment strategies. On the other hand, if you're more spontaneous and impulsive, you might be inclined to ignore your money situation and indulge in purchases without much hesitation.

Discover Your Money Story...

Complete the following phrases to see what your thoughts and beliefs are around money:

  1. People with money are _____________________________.

  2. Money makes people _________________________.

  3. I'd have more money if ________________________.

  4. My dad thought money was ______________________________.

  5. My mom always thought money would _______________________.

  6. If I had money, I'd ______________________________.

  7. Money is _____________________________.

  8. Money causes _______________________.

  9. Being broke tells me _______________________________.

  10. Having money is not ______________________________.

What did you notice as you wrote your answers? What common themes, powerful messages, or surprises did you find?


"It's not about having a lot

of money. It's about

having a lot of options."

-Chris Rock

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